Loro Parque

Tenerife Loro Parque

The Loro Parque zoo park at Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife was opened in 1972 by Wolfgang Kiessling, a German businessman, initially to be a paradise for parrots. He started it with just 200 but it now has the largest collection of them in the world. In addition it is home to a wide range of other exotic birds and animals including penguins, dolphins, sealions, whales, tigers, flamingos, alligators, giant tortoises, gorillas and chimpanzees.

Thai Buildings at Loro Parque

Renowned as one of the world’s most attractive small zoos, its buildings are attractive Thai-style wooden constructions decorated with gold leaf and hand-made roof tiles. Cleverly landscaped throughout, Loro Parque has over 7000 palm trees and all sorts of shrubs and flowers.

Strolling along the winding paths through its landscaped grounds, visitors come face-to-face with a wide range of birds and animals from parrots to whales, all housed in a perfect representation of their natural habitat.

Loro Parque is particularly famous for its parrots. Altogether there are over 4000 representing no less than 350 different species and sub-species. Most live in simple cages, devoid of plants because they would eat them, with natural wood branches and swings.
Atandra Treetops at Loro Parque

Atandra Treetops, a new outdoor aviary of tropical vegetation with waterfalls and a pond, opened in 2009. Birds including loris, cockatoos, laughing kookaburras, pheasants and emus fly free in it, contained only by a thin wire-netting roof, 27 metres high. Visitors can walk through it at ground level or along walkways and bridges suspended at tree-top height. Its name was inspired by the “song of the birds” of Australia’s aborigines.

In another area, there are tigers, including a rare white one, flamingoes and several sets of monkeys from little tamarins and marmosets to burly gorillas who stare pensively at the visitors, looking very profound and often scratching themselves rather inelegantly. And there are playful chimpanzees whose mischievous antics invariably have everyone laughing.

Indoor Iceberg at Loro Parque

Another unusual attraction at Loro Parque is its indoor iceberg, the biggest outside Antarctica, where a large colony of penguins live amidst gently falling snow.

They stand around on the ice looking rather like a crowd of people waiting to be admitted to a concert or event.

The park has several big open-air auditoriums for shows by whales, dolphins, sealions and parrots. The biggest, Orca Ocean, has a seawater pool and room for 3000 people to watch a killer whale show in which underwater cameras are used to show on a big screen their movements below the surface.

The Dolphinarivo exhibition pool looks like a Caribbean lagoon. During shows there, dolphins leap as high as six metres up out of the water.

Aquarium and Kinderlandia at Loro Parque

There is also a large cylindrical aquarium filled with hundreds of colourful fish and a shark pool which visitors can walk through in a transparent tube. If children tire of seeing the animals and birds, they have their own play area, Kinderlandia, which has slides, bridges, a tunnel and a “whale” rollercoaster.

Visitors to Loro Parque from Puerto de la Cruz can take advantage of its own (free) bright yellow road train.

Official Website – Phone (+34) 922 373841