Tenerife, capital city of dance music

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Tenerife Today

Tenerife Today is the interactive news page for Oasis Fm, with all local news and cultural information supplied by the Canarian Weekly newspaper, SPET, and Tenerife Cabildo. Tenerife, capital city of dance music – 19.11.2010Ministry of Sound, the biggest dance music brand of the world, has arrived to Tenerife to transform the island during 2 days.

Ministry of Sound World Tour Tenerife will take place on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th, in the south of the island, in Arona.
Ministry of Sound produces each year more than 2.000 events and tours around the world to places like London, New York, Singapore, Egypt, Dubai, Sydney and Ibiza.
The official Djs of Ministry of Sound come to OMM Club, in Playa de las Am?ricas and the public will vibrate at the rhythm of their dance sessions.
Ministry of Sound was born in London in 1991, as a club of electronic music. Nowadays, 19 years later, it has become the best dance club of the whole world, from which were born important Djs. In addition, MoS is a very recognized brand with own label, with more than 40 million sold Cds.
Ministry of Sound has its own communication channels; MoS Radio was born in 1996 and it is the biggest online radio of the world. It emits 13 programs daily with 1.5 million listeners. On the other hand, MoS TV was born in 2006 and it broadcasts music videos, reports, interviews with Djs and international events of the World Tour, in which Tenerife will be included.
The Ministry of Sound World Tour Tenerife is formed by the 4 Djs of the World Tour 2010: Richard Murray, Shane Kehoe, Dipesh Parmar and Paul Deighton.
The tickets for Ministry of Sound are available from www.ministryofsoundtenerife.com.