Pensions, health and benefits in Spain

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A few weeks ago at the end of November Ciudadanos Eurpoeas (CE) arranged a talk here in the south for British Expats in conjunction with the British Consulate, Age Concern Espa?a and the Department of Work and Pensions ? Pensions, health and benefits, based in Malaga. The event was attended by nearly 100 people, and proved very informative.

CE Has been around for over 15 years and it’s aim is to help people integrate into Canarian LIFE. If you become a member it entitles you and your family access to a wide range of services and a regular newsletter.

The next meeting of the CE is the last Wednesday in January.

Age Concern España

Their objective is to help older British Nationals living in Spain, including he Canaries to overcome poverty, combat isolation and assist with integration into Spanish life.

They also help those from a military background of any age. As well as outlining their background Sarah Rogers asked for volunteer caseworkers those in the community who would be willing to be trained to go into the community and complete a detailed assessment of the client’s needs. If this is something that would interest you they can be connected on 902 00 38 38 or from the UK + 34 917 718 794, www.acespañ

Pensions, healthcare and benefits

The second half of the session was all about pensions, healthcare and benefits.


Your UK state pension can be paid to you anywhere in the world – including a Spanish bank account.As long as you have worked for at least a total minimum of 15 years in the EEA and providing you have worked for at least one year in Spain you may be entitled to a pension.The benefit of winter fuel allowance is a bone of contention and it is only payable to you in Spain if you have been eligible for it at least once whilst living in the UK. Winter fuel allowance is not linked to your pension.If you are in receipt of a pension you may receive a document called a ‘life certificate’ you should complete this and return it as soon as possible – basically they are just checking that you are alive and living at the same address to receive your pension. If you do not complete it and post it back your pension payments may cease.In May 2010 the UK became responsible for issuing E121 holders and their dependants with the EHIC. UK state pensioners and their dependents can access free state healthcare in Spain.If you’re below retirement age there is still an enormous amount of information available on the website.

You can get certain UK benefits such as Disability Living Allowance DLA, and bereavement benefit in Spain.

Means tested benefits can not be exported.

Further information is available from the Department of Work and Pensions