General strike imminent

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Today, Thursday – CCOO and UGT delegations, headed by their general secretaries, Ignacio Fernandez Toxo and Candido Mendez, respectively, this morning attended Congress to record their intention to submit a petition – the People’s Deputies Legislative Initiative (ILP), with which it intends to correct the most damaging of labour reform. Toxo explained at the doors of Congress, the unions will gather hundreds of thousands of signatures before the end of March to amend the labour reform approved by Parliament.

The general secretaries of the CCOO and UGT, after recording the ILP, megaphone in hand went to more than a hundred people carrying banners against the delay in retirement, to renew the union rejection of the labour reform, “counter” as Toxo called it, who denounced the “ravages” that’s caused in the five months since its adoption, referring to the temporary increase at the expense of permanent employment.

For the secretary general of the CCOO, permanent employment should be the norm, and temporary exception. “It is a contradiction in crisis and job losses approve a reform that facilitates the dismissal,” he complained.

Toxo described as “intolerable” the government’s ultimatum to reform pensions on Jan. 28, ahead of the deadlines with the support of right-wing nationalist parties PNV and CC, and accused the executive of stealing the democratic debate on an issue very serious as the reform of pensions “We will not tolerate a new outrage,” said Toxo.

The ILP is an “amendment to the totality” of the reform approved by Parliament, and formally is a bill, a text articulated concrete alternatives to labour reforms that seek to correct the most damaging aspects of the reform. For the ILP to be submitted, CCOO and UGT need to collect at least 500,000 people signing it they hope to achieve more than the next three months.

The confederal secretary of the CCOO trade union action, Ramon G?rriz, has described as “intolerable” the withdrawal of aid of the 426 euros for the unemployed who have completed their service, while rejecting the “privatization” approved by the Government, as the partial privatization of Aena.

G?rriz Ramon said in Vigo, where he participated in an act with union representatives, he disagreed with the disappearance of the aid of the 426 euros, in a situation like the present, with increasing unemployment and “more than 400,000 homeless “who do not have any income and there is” more than a million people “without benefits.

All of this is taking place in the run up to proposed general strikes on the 15th and 18th of December, on the 15th action may be seen across the whole of Europe. However as we go to print no concrete details of stoppages or work to rule have been given.