Emergency phones switched off

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Tenerife Today

Tenerife Today is the interactive news page for Oasis Fm, with all local news and cultural information supplied by the Canarian Weekly newspaper, SPET, and Tenerife Cabildo. Emergency phones switched off – 19.11.2010EMERGENCY roadside phones in Spain are to be scrapped over the next three years because they have been rendered obsolete by mobiles.

That’s the reasoning behind the DGT traffic authority’s cost-cutting exercise, although they will remain in tunnels and areas where there is poor reception for mobile phones.
Also, the DGT says the use of the 5,400 emergency phones has fallen by 80% in the last ten years, so that means adios to most of them.
They were initially installed in the Eighties, and DGT boss Pere Navarro, said: “They have provided an immense service to the citizens.”