101 years the last volcanic eruption

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On November 18th last week it was 101 years since the beginning of the last volcanic eruption on the island of Tenerife, the eruption developed between the 18th and 28th November 1909 affecting the area of Chinyero.

This eruption was a substantial change in the way we see and understand this phenomena in the Canary Islands, in the manner in which the volcanic crisis was handled by civilian and military authorities, and even in the resources used to significantly reduce risks associated with the eruption.

Interestingly pigeons had an undeniable role in the eruption, they were used as messaging tools and were present in both the onset of the ash and in its development.

In view of the tremendous depth that this event marked on the locals, the city of Santiago del Teide last year promoted the creation and implementation of the “Centennial Commission” composed of representatives of the corporation and extensible representatives of other corporations neighbors of cultural groups in the region, as the collective “Arguayo” teachers of schools in the municipality and members of the scientific community related to scientific research institutions like the University of La Laguna, Canary Foundation ITER.

101 years ago is celebrated, as is traditional, the third Sunday of every November, where